Who we are

Hello, Max and Cloé here!


We have lived in Lewisham since 2012 and we know that it is the best place to live in London. 


We have always wanted to open a food shop to share our passion for delicious and well-sourced produce with our local community. This is why we decided to create Sans Store!

Keen to help? Find out more

Visit Lewisham Foodbank to check out their fantastic work.

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We believe in...

Keeping it local


At Sans Store, we believe in keeping things as local as possible. Most of our produce is sourced from London and the UK but we do source some our other fine produce from our lovely neighbours in Europe. 

Meeting our suppliers


We are so lucky to work with and support lots of independent suppliers from London and the UK. We thought that you might be curious to meet them so we will soon be launching our 'meet the producers' event in the shop. Stay tuned for updates!

Tackling food hunger

The number of people facing food insecurity in Britain has quadrupled under the COVID-19 pandemic. We feel strongly about helping the most vulnerable in our borough and have partnered with Lewisham Foodbank so that our food surplus never goes to waste. We also have a donation basket in the shop if you'd like to help.